The Age of the Faeglade

Welcome to the world of Faeglade

 Welcome to the world of Faeglade. A floating Isle separated from the rest of the world's corruptions or so they thought. The kingdom of FaeGlade is ruled by Emperor Zaisho III who has rule fair and just for many years, but the town folks notice a difference in his behavior on him 70th birthday. The town folk never see him anymore, the town folks start to come up messing and innocent children and denizens of the town were disappearing without a track. A rouge named Zane who came to this land to study how this Isle have been floating for 1000's of years had uncovered that the missing people were all dead. He also discovered that the emperor had a hand in killing these all of these people for  a dark ritual to gain more power than anyone can battle against. A rebel alliance form to stop him from gaining this power and keep his from killing more innocent people. The leaders of the Rebel alliance is Reynardo, Lapino, James, and Zane. Each of which specialty That will help the group forward.


herbertmennis herbertmennis

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